Clinton Phillips



About Me

Dynamic IT professional with over 20 years of experience in systems administration, network security, and AI. Skilled in implementing cutting-edge AI technologies, with a passion for optimizing and automating business processes using AI and machine learning. - Designed, implemented, and maintained a Kubernetes (k3s) single-node cluster and integrated gpt prompts for advanced technical problem-solving

Advanced Homelab Setup

  • AI Development Server: Customized Asus Strix, a mild AI server with an Nvidia RTX3060 gpu, Ubuntu, cuda, pytorch and fastai
  • Proxmox Server: Jenkins VM, ELK stack VM, and Plex server VM with Nvidia Quadro 670 for video transcoding using VFIO passthrough.
  • Networking & Security: Configured Unifi + pfSense network setup, multiple VLANs, Unifi POE layer 3 switches, and Unifi POE cameras.
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Obsidian Markdown Notes for DevOps and AI.

Various Personal and Homelab Projects.


Cowart Industrial Services

AWS Engineer

Apr 2018 - Mar 2022

Configured and secured the network infrastructure and systems for a large industrial company, using Unifi, pfSense, Ansible all on a hybrid on premesis/AWS.


University of West Georgia

Master of Science in Computer Science

2004 - 2007

Things I love

My dog. Learning new things and always looking for new challenges. Going for walks with my dog to clear my head and to contemplate the inevitable takeover by our future AGI Overlords. Oh lord.